Updates For Band Members

Thursday we will for sure work on Purple Heart and
Can-Can. Remember that in the Pines we are doing just the last movement,
starting at the pick-up to the 5th measure after 17 with the clarinet solo. And
work on everything else, of course. Only 4 more rehearsals!
We are planning to list all the players in this next
program with their occupation and where they live. Something like:
Jan Tuckerman (math teacher) Sunriver

We don’t need to know what company you work for but just a
general category. The idea is to give our audience a more personal feel for the
fact that we are just regular people who love to make music.

SO…what I need from each of you is what you do (banker,
student, rocket scientist, etc.) and what town you live in. If you could e-mail
that to me, great. I will also have a sign-up sheet on Thursday for people to
fill in.

If you think your boss, your company, your great Aunt
Bertha, etc., would be interested in being a band donor (with full recognition
in the next program) please send Tim Lynch their contact information (Tim: timlynch1992@gmail.com)

The sooner we reach our $12000 goal in the capital
campaign, the sooner we can get started on the tuition fund for the
REMEMBER to get that extra rehearsal on your busy
calendars for Saturday, March 1, 7:00-9:30 p.m. at SUMMIT HS.
REMEMBER that rehearsal NEXT week is on the Wednesday,
February 20, not Thursday.
We will have posters to pick up on Thursday (or you can print them up from here). Be thinking
of places to put them.
Here’s the list of band set-up assignments for the rest of
the term. Thanks so much to the flutes (and others) last week.
Feb. 14: Saxophones
Feb. 20: Trombones, Tubas
Feb. 28: Baritones, Horns
Clarinets & Bassoons will get the first rehearsal of
the spring term.
That’s all I had written down but that’s