Concert Schedule

Check back later this summer for news about our 2019-2020 season.

See last season’s exciting repertoire below:



Featuring Ted Burton, Clarinet Soloist

Copeland         Hoe Down

Sousa               King Cotton March

Galante             Nostaligia

Shaw                Clarinet Concerto

George             First Suite in F

Sheldon           Der Lehermeister

Grafulla            Washington Grays March





Stuart              Three Ayres for Gloucester

Alford              Voice of the Guns March

Sparke             Portrait of a City

Hazelman        Short Ballet for Awkward Dancers

End                  Blues for a Killed Cat

Sousa              Boy Scouts of America March

Daughtrey       Such Small Things

Grant                The Best of Rooms

Puccini/Goto    Turandot



Featuring Otmar Borchard & Jon Caponetto, Trombone Soloists

De Meij          Continental Overture

Fillmore         Rolling Thunder March

Pryor             Blue Bells of Scotland

Fairlie            Nuture

Whitacre        Cloudburst

Ganne            Father of Victory March

Frank              Barnacle Bill the Sailor

Giroux            One Life Beautiful

Yagisawa       Machu Picchu