We’re Looking For Board Members

The Cascade Winds Band Board would like to invite you to become a member of the board for the 2007-08 season. We would like to have 3 or more new members to join the existing members to oversee the behind-the-scenes business of the band.
We need people willing to step forward and help build the audience for the Cascade Winds, help find some corporate sponsors, brainstorm on some fund-raising possibilities. The band treasury needs to be built up, we need to have funds to pay for use of concert venues, etc.
We aren’t talking about lots of meetings, in fact the fewer the better, but we do need some people able to devote some time to expanding the vision for the band.
AND…board members DO NOT have to be band muscians. If you have a spouse, a relative, a neighbor, a friend who you think would be interested in contributing to music in Central Oregon in this way, please urge them to contact one of us.
We love to play but it’s even better to have people to hear us.
SO…please let Rebecca Borror, Carol Zack, Jan Tuckerman or Michael Gesme know if you are able to support the Cascade Winds in this way.
Thanks for your attention.
Jan Tuckerman